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AAS-V500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY (R)

AAS-V500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY (R)
Price : $279.99
AAS-V500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY (R)

Product Description

The AAS Safety Method delivers you and your household the piece of mind that only the most advanced wireless alarm method can give. The AAS Security Method is the most inexpensive, technologically advanced, sophisticated, yet hassle-free to use and install wireless residence or workplace security systems accessible right now. The wire-free of charge AAS will monitor your property continually whether or not you are home or away. A complete-featured wireless security system that combines the most widely used safety attributes in a convenient and economical package. This system offers all the bells whistles you need to effectively guard your home from burglars.
AAS-V500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY (R)

Consumer Evaluations

This would be a excellent system for the money but it is so lacking in quite a few areas that it is not usable for me. To start out with the manual is written in such broken English it leaves out necessary actions, but can be figured out as you go.
My largest complaint is with the entry/exist time delay and the secondary key pad. The principal controller is generally a table best unit, so a thief could come in smash the unit in a quantity of seconds and that would be the end of your safety. I wanted to hide the unit and use an further essential pad to arm/disarm the unit located near the entry. The difficulty with the secondary pad is, you cannot tell if the system is armed or not, no lights etc. If I open the door, I want to know by looking at the pad if the technique was armed by my wife. Otherwise you are entering a 4 digit code, plus plus three every single time you come by way of the door. Also the entry delay can be set according to the book from 00-30 minutes. Sadly that is precisely what it suggests, no settings for seconds. I like a system that gives you about 10-15 seconds to disarm. The minimum on this unit is 1 minute. A burglar can do a lot of harm to consumers and property in 1 minute just before the siren sounds. I don't want a burglar in the home that lengthy devoid of sounding the alarm.
The door contacts are big and even have an antenna. A left hand door will have to have the antenna pointing down and a appropriate handed door pointing up. This unit is preferred suited for an apartment or little house. It appears to function properly, just not particularly refined as for as systems go.
Also be aware that this company gives $20 for a five star rating. That might possibly be sensible advertising, but does not sit nicely with me.

I spent time researching "unmonitored" alarm systems in order to save the monthly price of monitoring. This item seemed to produce the most value for the dollars. I was a tiny apprehensive given that of some critiques that indicated the directions had been hard to adhere to. I found that the user manual was incredibly clear and the installation only took about 2 hours. In addition to the V500 series I ordered a water sensor and the 360 degree motion sensor from the webpage. The 360 degree sensor was not rather constructed and the water alarm did not contain activation directions. I have returned each of the add-ons for a refund.
For the duration of installation and in the course of returning a number of items I referred to as the distributer 5 occasions. 3 times they answered the telephone and the other two I reached a voice recording. They were extremely responsive and returned my calls within 24 hours. I would purchase this product again and would recommend it to other people seeking for a security method. The seller does offer you 2 no cost goods for ALL evaluations, not just those rated five star. I do not see their absolutely free deliver as developing biased feedback. I will update this critique if I have any trouble acquiring my refund in a timely manner.
AAS-V500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit DIY (R)

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